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About Buying A Home
Buying a Home is provides consumer information for homeowners and prospective homeowners. This site is designed to assist prospective homeowners who are looking to buy thir first home or current homeowners who are looking to upgrade. Buying a Home contains helpful information, tips, articles, and reviews on each step of the home buying process. In addition, Home buying also contains tips on what to do to increase the value of a home with targeted home improvement projects, insurance, pest inspections / control, home repair and rebuilding, and other ideas for increasing the value of a home.

The information contained in Buying A Home site is designed to be easy to use and easy to find. All of our articles and tips are broken down into categories so that homeowners can find the information that they need. The following is a list of the main categories and a description of some of the information that each category contains:
  • Locate: Contains articles and tips on selecting a home, budgeting for a home, and finding a home that meets a homeowner's needs. This section will also contain articles designed to help homeowners understand the housing market and the key drivers of value for houses. It will also provide things to look for in the community and the homeowners association.

  • Realtors: This section will contain information on buyers agents, sellers agents, dual agency, and when to use a realtor. This area will also provide tips and advice for homeowners on what services realtor can offer and the value they can add in the purchase process.

  • Loan: This section will define certain types of laons available to homeowners and prospective homeowners. It will describe home purchase loans, home equity loans, mortage basics, car loans and other types. This section will also provide tips that will allow people to save money and make good decisions in the loan process.

  • Negotiate: The Negotiate section offers tips and strategies for negotiating with sellers and agents when purchasing a home. It will describe basic price negotiation strategies and will provide some tips on other things to negotiate for like home warranties, improvements, and various types of legal protection.

  • Insure: This section offers information on the various types of insurance available to homeowners. It will describe homeowners insurance and other optional coverage types. It will also provide articles on how to save money on insurance, insurance agreements, and tips for finding obtaining the right coverage for a home.

  • Inspect: This section talks about both the inspection process during purchase and the importance of periodic inspections in order to maintain the value of a home. It will offer tips for maximizing the value of an inspection, questions to ask, and strategies for selecting and inspector.

  • Improve: This section will offer tips for enhancing the value of a home as well as making it a better place to live. This section will offer advice on key improvement, will also provide some do it yourself projects, and additional decorating tips. It will also provide tips on home restoration and repair and later will provide tips on saving energy and keeping heating and cooling costs down.

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