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Passing Home Inspections
If you are putting a home on the market, one of the most important things you can do is prepare your home to make sure it passes inspection. This will help your home sell fast and help you get the price you deserve. Therefore, before you price your home and sign a contract, you need a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) to perform a thorough inspection.

Before you have the inspector come to the house, you want to make sure your home is nice and neat both inside and outside. This will provide the inspector with a good first impression. Generally, an inspector is on the buyer’s side. Therefore, have as much done as possible as it will make the process go better for you. Additionally, be sure any pets are in a secure area so the inspector will have easy access.

For the exterior of the house, make sure you have the lawn and landscaping neat. If you have a paved driveway that is badly pitted, you might even consider having a new driveway poured. Be sure your rain down spouts is secure and in place, that gutters are cleaned, and that any areas where pain might have worn off, such as the base of the home, is repainted. You will also need to make sure that all doors and windows operate properly.

For the interior of the home, make sure that there is plenty of light and things are picked up, which will make the inspector’s job easier. Be sure there are no holes in the wall, any banister railing is secure, that doors open and close without problem, the sinks do not leak, the garbage disposal works, and all lights with switches have light bulbs. If the carpeting or flooring is worn, while it will not necessarily affect the inspection, it will leave a better impression.

The homes electrical is important. Make sure any defective lights or switches are fixed, that you have the appropriate breaker box, and that the filters for your furnace are new. The plumbing is also important. Be sure there are no leaks and that drains are clean and free flowing. If there is any defective bathroom tile, you want to have that repaired. It may be that all you need is to re-grout and re-caulk the tile. If you have any pipes or faucets that are rusty, have them replaced.

The heating and air conditioning will also need your attention. Make sure they both work properly. Check your thermostat and if you have an attic fan, be sure it works properly as well. All of these things are important and if you do your part in fixing anything that could help you with the sale of your home, it will likely pass inspection much easier.

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