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Insurance - Home Warranty
Home Warranty Providers:
American Home Shield
Buyers Home Warranty Company
Continental Home Warranty
First American - Home Buyers Protection
Fidelity Home Warrant...

What is a Home Warranty?
It is a service contract that helps protect homeowners against the cost of unexpected repairs and replacements of covered major systems and appliances that break from normal usage.

What Does a Home Warranty Cover?
- Water heater.
- Heating system.
- Plumbing system.
- Ceiling fans, central vacuum, ductwork.
- Range, oven, cook top, built-in microwave.
- Dishwasher, garbage disposal, trash compactor.
- Electrical system, telephone & doorbell wiring

What it Doesn't Cover - Roof.- Doors & Walls.
- Items not built-in

Optional Warranties
- Roof.
- Well pumps.
- Washer & dryer.
- Air conditioning.
- Swimming pools, spas.

A warranty normally excludes pre-existing conditions, such as items that are.not in working condition when coverage is put in place.

Where can I get One?
In most cases, warranties are available through real estate companies and their agents. Many times a seller pays for and provides the coverage to the buyer as part of the transaction..Ask for a "seller provided" warrenty when making an offer on a house..Many buyers purchase them for their own protection.

How Much Do They Cost?
The cost for a basic one year home warranty ranges from $295 to $400..Optional coverage is per added item, such as pool, spa or well pump..Each contract calls for a deductible payment or service call fee from the claimant directly to the repair contractor. This fee is usually $35 to $50..The warranty company picks up the cost of repair above that amount..Home warranties have proven to be well worth the cost of coverage..As a buyer, use it as a negotiation tool in a purchase contract.

Why a Home Warranty
Sellers: A Home Warranty provided by the seller will be viewed as a benefit to the buyer. Adding a home warranty to your listing adds confidence and might result in someone purchasing your home over a newer home. Many people are nervous about old appliances and fixtures. Buyers are much more comfortable with a house that includes a one year warranty. The warranty can be promoted in the advertising as a drawing feature of the home..It protects you should something go wrong after the buyer moves in. If a covered system or appliance repair is needed, the Buyer calls the warranty company, not you!.This after-sale liability protection is well worth the cost of coverage.

Pay at Closing. There is no charge to the Seller until closing, it is typically paid through escrow.

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