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Realtor Agent Services
When selling a home, you want the sell to be effective. You want your home to attract qualified and motivated buyers with as little hassle as possible. To accomplish this, you can use the services of a realtor agent. A realtor should be able to achieve maximum results for you while saving you the most money in costs.

As you search for a realtor agent, you want to make sure this individual has solid experience, references, and creative ideas. Just as you would any real estate agent, you want to ask many questions and follow up with references. If the realtor is unable to answer your questions or hesitates on providing you with references, it is time to keep looking. The following are some of the basic services the realtor agent should offer automatically:

Your home listing should be placed on the RE Infolink MLS (Multiple Listing Service. This service creates a number specific to your home so buyers can identify your home and obtain information on the Internet, from other agents, and so on.

Your home listing should also be placed on a minimum of eight websites for major real estate agents or companies.

The realtor agent should prepare a Competitive Market Analysis of your property to ensure you ask a price that is fair to you and that will attract buyers.

You should have an IPIX of your home done, which is a virtual tour that potential buyers can view on the Internet, walking from room to room.

A flyer box should be displayed in the front of your home with an attractive flyer of your home and property. This flyer should include colored photos of the exterior and several main interior rooms, a full description of the property and all the assets, and the listing price. The realtor agent will have his or her name on the flyer so interested buyers have an easy way to make contact.

An e-mail should be sent by the realtor automatically to thousands of potential buyers.

A sign should be displayed in plain view so neighbors can see that your home is for sale. Often, people in your own neighborhood will know of someone interested in buying a home and can therefore, provide word of mouth service without even knowing it.

An electronic key box should be placed at the property’s entry so other real estate agents can easily and conveniently gain access to the home for showing but strangers cannot enter.

Printed advertisements should be placed in several of the local real estate publications so people can pick up a copy in the grocery store and find your home.

Your realtor agent should create “just listed” cards and send them to potential buyers.

All buyers should be pre-qualified. Although this is not as good as pre-approved, it does tell you that the buyer has the financial means to be approved for a loan to buy a home in your price range.

A tour consisting of other agents should be scheduled so your realtor can do a walk-through. This helps other agents promote your home along with their own listings.

These are just a few of the services that you should look for when selecting a realtor agent:

  • Monitor the marketplace and keep you updated of new sales and listings.

  • Upon receipt of an offer, represent your highest interests and negotiate the best price and terms, then ensure that all contracts and disclosures are legally binding and properly executed.

  • Oversee all Title, Escrow, Inspections and Mortgage issues to ensure a timely and successful close of escrow.

  • Provide you, my Easy Exit written guarantee that allows you to cancel our listing agreement if you are not 100% satisfied with our marketing efforts.

    This is just part of the real estate transaction process. Discussing your wants and needs, negotiating fees and getting a feel for working together is a bigger part of the process, which can best be done meeting face to face.

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